Builder, property manager, landlord

With hundreds of properties throughout Greater Stockholm, Wåhlin Fastigheter is one of Stockholm’s largest private residential property owners. Our properties includes hundreds of buildings with approximately 3,000 apartments, 300 commercial locations and a number of parking facilities. Together with our dedicated staff, we handle everything on our own, from project development and property maintenance to landscaping and accounting. It helps us get to know our tenants, gives us good control over the business, and is a source of inspiration when we’re building new properties. We aim to be a secure and stable landlord that takes social responsibility – a progressive private alternative to public housing.

Rentals available

Wåhlin Fastigheter’s main focus is residential – but our properties also include offices, retail spaces, warehouses, parking facilities and storage rooms. You’ll find all currently available rentals here on our website. When you find something that catches your interest, just send us an inquiry about that property. For apartments, however, special rules apply. Read more about how it works here:

Looking for a place to live?

If you are looking for an apartment, you should be aware that we don’t maintain our own waiting list, since we cooperate with the Stockholm Housing Service (Bostadsförmedlingen), which handles most of our vacant apartments. You can apply for their residential waiting list here: But for some apartments we think it’s nice to find tenants ourselves, so we post some vacancies on our website, where anyone can find them. The only thing we require is that you meet the financial requirements we think are necessary for you to afford the apartment. And you should have a clean credit record.


How does it work?

How to apply

Because our tenants seem to enjoy life where they’re living, we don’t have vacancies so often. But when we do, you’ll find them here, under the heading “Lediga Bostäder” (Vacant Housing). Any vacant apartments are posted on weekdays between 1:00 and 1:30 pm. Then you can submit your application directly for the apartments that interest you.

Selection by lottery

When the advertising period is over, we draw lots and pick one person from those who have expressed interest for the specific apartment. We then contact that person by email. If you have signed up for an apartment and haven’t heard anything from us after a week, then the apartment has gone to another applicant.

Only one application per apartment

Apply only once for an apartment! If you submit more than one application for the same apartment, or if it is incomplete, you’ll be automatically disqualified.

Different types of contracts

Most people are interested in primary contracts, and most of our apartments fit that description. But some apartments are listed as short-term sublets (korttidskontrakt), and then other rules apply.

A word of caution

There are Internet services that exploit the incredibly tough housing situation in Stockholm, by claiming that they can help people get a primary contract – for a fee. Because many people are disappointed when they don’t get an apartment they applied for, we want to make it absolutely clear that we don’t have anything to do with such Internet services. We have nothing against them helping you find us, but we can never guarantee that you will obtain a rental contract with us, just because you paid them a fee. Many people seem to be getting that false impression. This type of Internet service also generates an enormous number of applications for our apartments, which is the reason we have to limit the time we can have vacancies posted on our website.